Each product has a unique story to tell and is carefully crafted using techniques preserved over time.

The production area of our factory is located on 2000m2 and is equipped with the latest technological requirements for furniture production. We always do our best to optimize and keep us updated on the newest production techniques:

- CNC router for cutting and drilling chipboard - a guarantee of quality and high efficiency.
- New sewing machines double, triple, and professional machines for sewing thick fabrics and genuine leather.
- Sewing machines with long arm.

Whether we are entering new markets or meeting customers in new ways, we are constantly innovating to meet customer expectations. Since 2002 we have been successfully working with German specialists, who in combination with high-quality materials and well-trained teams of professionals to improve the comfort and quality produced by our furniture.

The company has a closed production cycle, which ensures production sustainability, accurate process planning, and short deadlines for the execution of assigned contracts.

For our production, we aim to use innovative sustainable materials in each product and always select the best possible high-quality fabrics and leathers from Italy, Belgium, Poland, and Germany.

At Leticia, we work with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 fabric and RPS fabrics because we take seriously our responsibility for contributing toward a greener environment and care for the next generations. Let’s care together!