We live in a hyper-visual world, where imagery dictates your rating. Create a strong identity for your furniture with our wide range of fabrics.

We focus on modern design, high quality, and diversity that match current trends and cooperate with experts in the field of fabric.

Always looking for inspiration all over the world and closely monitoring the market. As a result, our wide range of collections which we wisely choose not only to match the current trends but are also often ahead of them.

The fabrics we use for upholstery are made of an innovative fabric storage system, thanks to which the materials do not deform, do not lose their properties, and are protected from the adverse effects of external factors.

Leather is a natural product that offers great comfort, durability, and identity to the design of the sofa. The clear and closed texture, very high abrasion resistance, makes the fabric practically waterproof and very easy to clean. If we add a wide selection of colors to that, we get the perfect choice when it comes to upholstery fabrics.

We choose them by adhering to the following characteristics: soft touch, elegant look, eco-friendly, water repellent, and interesting design because they are a large part of the identity and the design of the sofa.

Water Repellent - this fabric is characterized by high resistance to absorbing spilled liquids. It is coated with a special protective film creating a hydrophobic layer protecting against rapid absorption of liquids.
Easy to Clean - The finishing of those fabrics is based on nanoparticles, the composition of which is very effective in blocking the penetration of dirt. As a result, it is possible to remove the most difficult stains without the use of detergents. With the Easy Clean technology, the stains can simply be removed with water or soapy water.
Pet Friendly - Stain and pet hair resistant fabric, these are used both types of technology: water repellent and Easy Clean technology.
RPs - Made from recycled plastic PET bottles fabric which creates a beautiful modern look and feels to your furniture.